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Our Team


Meet our Owner,

Alex Cox

“I’ve been a stylist for 14 years and opening a Hair salon seemed like an amazing next step in my career. I really wanted to set the new standard for how salons should be in Denver. My goal was to create an environment that was Airy, good energy, supportive and most importantly welcoming to staff and clients.”  - Alex Cox, Owner. 

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Our Stylists

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Vanessa Rick

Manager & Front Desk Coordinator 

Kelsey Zabawa


Esthetician & Makeup Artist 

Courtney Blalock-Wagner

Master Stylist 

Rachel Ulberg

Blonding Specialist & Master Stylist 

Jennifer Luszczak

Balayage Specialist  

Rico Martinez 


Master Stylist & Barber 

Scott Sames

Master Stylist

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